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Tanya Owens dot Shop

December 8th, 2023

Tanya Owens dot Shop

Just like that, I've had a change of heart. In a moment, a flash of the eye...nah. I was just thinking about branding and products and I chose to register a new domain name tanyaowens.shop for the shopping experience for the tanyaowens.com website. It just makes sense and is easier for people to who know my name to know that you can shop at tanyaowens.shop. For now positiveawe.com will still redirect to this website so you can find me using both domains.

Positive Awe is Open For Business

December 7th, 2023

Positive Awe is Open For Business

Whew! Finally, after spinning my wheels for the last two years; delaying opening Positive Awe as I researched, tested, did the math, did the math again, cried, laid prostrate before the Lord and did the math one more time. Scratched my head, looked at my resources, and dried my eyes, I then decided to use the company Fine Art America & Pixels.com to do the fulfillment.

This company caters to artists, they are the Amazon for Artists. Well actually there are many online fulfillment services/shops artists can leverage to get their Art to the masses. I particularly liked the way the Fine Art America and Pixels store looks and the products they offered. It synced in nicely with my art and provides you with bespoke whimsical products to brighten your life and home. And for that I am happy, and I hope you are happy too. Furthermore, I am able to offer 30 days money back agreements by having my fulfillment done by a third party. That is something I would not have been able to offer immediately had I managed, hosted and ran the online boutique on my own. So this partnership is a Win-Win-Win!

As I announced earlier, I will be offering bespoke products, athleisure, prints, home d├ęcor and more via my online boutique. So please stop by, tell your family, friends, and neighbors and help out this women owned, small business! Thank you so much and God Bless YOU.

Whoo Hoo. We are OPEN! https://positiveawe.com

Woman on the Beach Watercolor

December 14th, 2021

Woman on the Beach Watercolor

It was a beautiful June day in Oahu, Hawaii. Not too hot, with gentle breezes. The ocean was delightful as were the mountains in the distance. It was like I owned that beach, as I mounted my camera on tripod and danced around in the sand posing every which way. I even garnered an admirer who parked his car and gazed at me while I took shot after shot. Eventually he drove away, and I packed up my gear and continued my drive around the island.

I am a New York girl. Growing up visiting the beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, a stark contrast to the beaches in Hawaii. With its turquoise seas, pounding surf, and rainstorms that occur in the mountains without touching the sea. Hawaii was a mesmerizing magical place when I visited. Every time I gaze at this image I am transported back to that very moment and my heart fills with cheer.

I love watercolor paintings; they make the scene dreamy with a touch of nostalgia and a whole lot of whimsy.

You can purchase Woman on the Beach as an art print, canvas, acrylic, wood print, poster, puzzle or as a bag, zipper pouch, greeting card, spiral notebook, or face mask.

Purchase here: https://tanya-owens.pixels.com/featured/woman-on-the-beach-watercolor-tanya-owens.html